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  • DEC'13 Vulnerability of Street Children to Sexual Exploitation
  • Anti Trafficking Leaflet explaining our partnership with Pro Prietenia Arad
  • AUG'13 August Report on Human Trafficking Activities.
  • JULY'13 A Range of Activites during July.
  • JUNE'13 Progress to date in the preparations for the October anti-trafficking events.
  • Capital Exploits: A Study of Prostitution and Trafficking in London - June 2013. (Extracts reproduced for internal use).
  • DEC'12 'Migrant Orphans' and UNICEF's claim.
  • SEPT'12 Romanians top of list of victims into UK
  • JUN '12 Sami, another individual case.
  • MAY '12 News of individual cases.
  • APR '12 Visit to Arad.
  • FEB '12 Adina's visit to UK concerning human trafficking.
  • JAN '12 Romanian trafficking team convicted in Manchester.
  • DEC '11 Report of the Preventing Human Trafficking Symposium held in Arad in December 2011.
  • DEC '11 Ten year anniversary of Charity in Romania.
  • NOV '11 A Letter of Joy, Pain and Gratitude in the Spirit of Christmas.
  • OCT '11A Four Day Autism Awareness Campaign in Arad
  • SEPT '11 Notes and images presented at the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Romanian Charity in the Ioan Slavici Theatre, Arad in September. [BEST VIEWED AT 50%, USE RIGHT ARROW TO ADVANCE].
  • AUG '11 Will you help this family?
  • JUNE '11 Disaster hits Marcela's Family.
  • MAY '11 Hannah's Report of her time in Arad.
  • APRIL '11 Help for the Varga family. Thank you.
  • APRIL '11 Thank you letter concerning the Varga family.
  • MARCH '11 Appeal for support for the Varga family.
  • 1st MARCH '11 The Welsh connection. Youth Exchanges.
  • FEBRUARY '11 Individual cases helped by the Charity in Romania.
  • JANUARY '11 Visit to Poppy Project and Romanian Consul in London.
  • DECEMBER '10 Christmas Appeal for supporting the poor in Arad.
  • NOVEMBER '10 Flier in support of Pro Prietenia November 2010.
  • NOVEMBER '10 Short Sermon delivered on the visit of Puiu & Dorina Tarcea to Ben Rhydding.
  • NOVEMBER '10 Photo of Display Board at Ben Rhydding's Day of Prayer for Mission 6 November.
  • OCTOBER '10 Local (Silsden) Flier concerning victims of human trafficking.
  • OCTOBER '10 Note to the Soup Day in Ben Rhydding.
  • SEPTEMBER '10 Brief Report of the visit made to Arad by Bob and Elaine Tilley.
  • SEPTEMBER '10 Romanian partner-charity awarded 'public service' status by Romanian government.
  • AUGUST '10 Featuring a youth exchange in The Netherlands between Romania, Italy, Ireland and Holland.
  • JULY '10 An item on human trafficking following a study visit made by Criss from the Arad office to Italy in June.
  • MAY '10 'The Role of Charities in the Matter of Human Dignity.'A speech made by Brian at the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Dignity in the Romanian Parliament building in Bucharest on 4 May 2010.
  • APRIL '10 'Chairman's Acknowledgements and Thanks' as included in the Charity's Annual Report for 2009 - 2010
  • MARCH '10 Easter meal at Adapost shelter for children and young people living on the streets of Arad
  • FEBRUARY '10 Report addressed to St John's Church Ben Rhydding with update of various projects
  • DECEMBER '09 Our Christmas Appeal in support of the Cristal Ball Appeal for an Arad hospital
  • CHRISTMAS '09 Each year we include on our Christmas Card a Romanian mother and child
  • AUGUST '09 Youth Exchange July 2009 between Romania and Bridgend, South Wales. This is a report of the activity at Ewenny Priory in Bridgend
  • AUGUST '09 Youth Exchange July 2009 at the Welsh Assembly Building in Cardiff (Senedd). Shows the group being welcomed by the First Minister Rhodri Morgan.
  • AUGUST '09 Youth Exchange July 2009. Shows Romanian group dancing in costume at the Eco Dysgu Centre in Tondu and the combined group in the Porthcawl Carnival.

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